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“Amber is a phenomenal teacher – thrilled about her subject matter, great at communicating, personable, and full of really creative and challenging assignments and ways to bring the course material home. Our class felt like a true seminar; and finding that sort of ownership in a graduate class is rare. The course’s creative, media-friendly assignments – from personal experience narrative to the open-ended final assignment – allowed me a level of analytic and creative synthesis that’s been unheard of in my graduate career.” -Anonymous Student Evaluation

“One of the aspects I enjoyed most about this class was sharing my opinions and arguing various positions, both with Amber and my fellow classmates; it is this type of active learning atmosphere that is desperately needed by schools and universities everywhere.” -Anonymous Student Evaluation


As a four-field trained anthropologist and African studies scholar, I have taught a wide variety of classes at the high school, undergraduate and graduate settings.


International Studies/African Studies: 

Introduction to International Studies

Youth and Democracy in Africa

Cultures in Comparison: Africa

Re-Imagining Africa

Sociocultural Anthropology:

Introduction to Cultural Diversity

Study of Culture

Culture and Society

Methods in Cultural Anthropology

NGOs and Humanitarianism

Anthropology of Nostalgia and Memory

Introduction to Ethnographic Film

Anthropology of Childhood

Video Ethnography


Linguistic Anthropology:

Culture and Communication

Language in Culture


Biological Anthropology:

Evolution, Seminars on Science, American Museum of Natural History (Course Scientist)


Four-Field Anthropology:

Introduction to Anthropology

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